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    Format table values with variables

      Hello, I have a table of periods and 4 input fields for the user to set amount of days.

      The four input fields can take dynamic values like 15,30,45,90. So when displaying it in a pivot chart,each of the periods have their own formula, so i'd like to format them like this:



      Period 1Operation 1Period (15 days) Operation 1 
      Period 1Operation 2Period (15 days) Operation 2
      Period 2Operation 1Period  (30 days) Operation 1
      Period 2Operation 2Period  (30 days) Operation 2



      I don't want to use a valuelist, because the application is up to 4 diferent periods each one with two sub operations in each period, so it takes a long time to process. Any ideas of how achieve this?