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    Qvs10.4 Distribution service not starting, after IE9 uninstall

      I couldn't use the IE9 64bit version on the AccessPoint, so I uninstalled it to roll back to a preinstalled version of IE8.

      After this the Distribution Service would not start, and though the Management Service was initially stopped it started but would not allow access.


      So I reinstalled IE9, and found that I hadn't needed to uninstall it in the first place as the 32bit version is also installed and can be used independently.

      This didn't help. The Distribution Service still would not start.


      So I resintalled Qvs and rebooted. Still no distribution service

      I then unistalled an Unstructured data extraction tool I had installed a week before, along with the MS SQL Server client it was bundled with. No distribution service.


      My stats are as follows:


      Windows 7 Professional 64bit

      QVS v10 SR4

      QVD v11 SR2

      .Net Framework v4.0.30319

      No IIS


      I am thinking about unistalling QVS and the .Net Framework then resinstalling them.

      Other than that I'm pretty stuck. Any advice would be much appreicated.