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    String function

      Hi all wizards,


      Client have a table looking like this:


      AAA, BB, CCC, DDDD, EE

      AAA, CCC, DDDD, EE

      CCC, DDDD, EE

      AAA, BB, CCC, DDDD, EE

      AAA, DDDD, EE

      AAA, BB, CCC, DDDD


      I need to capture DDDD, but it moves all the time as a result of bad input in underlying systems. Which string function can I use to do this?

      Can't use Right or Left, Subfield or FindOneOf (as it's not a string) - so what have I left, or am I missing something...



      Best regards


      Torbjörn Ungvall (@Ungvall)

      Senior Business Discovery Manager

      Advectas AB