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    Need help with FABS

      Hello, I am working on a report to do with meters which have 4 dials, this means when they roll from 9999 they go back to zero, this causes complications when calculating consumption.


      First off I used max(if(Read_Year='08/09',Reading))-min(if(Read_Year='08/09',Reading)) and spotted that certain accounts that had very high consumption (due to the meter rolling over) so I then used :- Fabs(max(if(Read_Year='08/09',Reading))-min(if(Read_Year='08/09',Reading))-9999) to remedy the problem.


      This fixes the issues with the meters who roll over from 9999 to 0000+ but messes up the results with ones that arent affected. any ideas on what I can do to fix this?