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    Checking for existing session when using webticket

      Our QV document is embedded in our web page and we are using the webticket to authenticate the user and then open the QV document with opendoc.htm in an iFrame. This setup works well, but the issue is that if a user navigates away from the page where we have the QV document and then comes back, we currently create a new QV session for that user. This causes QlikView to reserve additional memory for that new session and if one user has close to ten sessions open, it becomes a significant memory use.


      To get around of this problem, we would need a way to check whether there is a session already available for the user. I have gone through all the documentation I have been able to find about the webticket implementation and none of them seem to cover this use case. Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?


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      Henry Backman