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    Current Selection/Previous Selection in Set Analysis

      Hi Everyone !!


      I have a problem with the expression used in Set Analysis.


      I need to find the ratio of current selection values-to-previous selection values using set analysis.


      To state the problem precisely,


      I have:


      1. Product Type (6 types)

      2. Country ( 10 Countries)

      3. Items ( Items for each product type with unique Item ID).


      I need to implement this:


      Step 1: Count the total items across all product types and countries.

      Step 2: Implement Top-down drill approach:

                 a). When I select Product type, it should calculate the ratio of  'Number of items of this product' to 'the total items in the inventory'.

                 b). Now, if I select the country, it should calculate the ratio of  'Number of items of this product in selected country' to 'the items for the selected product in

                     Step  2(a)'.


          For this, I used the following expression:


               = Count( {$} Item) / Count ( {$1} Item)


      Step 3: Now, I want to de-select the country.

                 If I do this, it should calculate or display, the ratio of 'Number of items for the selected product' to 'the total items in the inventory' i.e., Step 2(a) ratio value.


                In other words, it should roll back to the previous calculated value. But it is calculating in a different way i.e., if I de-select the country, now the current selection is 'Product' and previous selection is 'Product + Country' which is not desired for calculation.


                If I use a 'Back' Button, it is very easy to implement this. But I need to implement without using a BACK button.


      Can anyone help me in finding a more robust solution to this problem??


      Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks for your valuable time !