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    Label of a Derived Dimension in Drill Down Group

      Hi All,


      I have a dimension group with five dimension, called DimGroup1:


      2 of the bottom most dimensions in the group are calculated dimensions and they work find in a straight table.


      My problem is that the labels for the 2 calculated dimension in the group throw out the whole expression.


      I tired changing the label in the Group Tab of the Document Properties, but that label works only within the chart while drilling up and down.


      However, If I try to use the the expression =getCurrentField(DimGroup1), and reach the hierarchy level of the calculated dimension, it just throws out the whole expression there instead of the label I set.


      This is really strange. I am stuck as I am trying to base some logic on the =getCurrentField(DimGroup1) expression value, and it goes bust.


      Please help