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    Circular Group not user friendly in iPads

    Bhaskar Sharma



      The Circular group is not user friendly in iPads. Is there a better way to replace it?



      Thanks in advance.

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          You could set up a variable to contain the name of the dimension the user wants, making sure to put it into the dimension in the format =[$(varName)]

          You could then set up an inputbox for the user to check from a predefined list of dimensions, however selections from inputboxes on an iPad are a little bit tricky. If you have a limited number of dimensions you want to be cycled through and enough space I would ue buttons to assign each dimension value to the variable. You could probably even add if statements into the set variable action to say that if Dimension 1 is selected choose Dimension 2 etc, up to the last Dimension which can then shift back to the first. This way you could use one button.

          Sorry, but I can't provide a sample at the moment as I'm rebuilding my development environment.


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              Bhaskar Sharma

              Thanks for your quick reply.


              I am in a bit of a tricky situation here. I have circular groups in multiple columns of a Pivot table. eg: I have the following columns:


              1) Org Hierarchy (Circular Dimension)

              2) Technology (Circular Dimension)

              3) Services (Circular Dimension)

              4) Partners (Circular Dimension)

              5) Sales (expression)


              All the dimensions here are circular groups which allows user to select anything at any point in time at any direction.


              Any suggestions on this?