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    Updating 2 Charts with Different Date Fields Using Selections from the Master Calendar

      I'm a bit of a newbie so may be missing something here.  I hope I can explain it clearly. I have a data set that contains information on a set of processes.  Each row represents a process that has multiple time points.  The data set is like this:

      Process ID


      Start of Process Date

      Process Point 1 Date

      Process Point 2 Date

      Time to Complete Process 1

      Time to Complete Process 2



      North Yorkshire







      West Yorkshire







      South Yorkshire






      I want to show two charts: one that shows the average time to complete process 1 and another that shows the average time to complete process 2.  I want these charts to update based on selections from list boxes based on the master calendar.  However, I would like the chart for process 1 to allocate the process to a time period based on Process Point 1 Date and the chart for process 2 to allocate the process to a time period based on Process Point 2 Date.  As you can see the  dates for process 1 and process 2 are in the same table.  The process ID is my primary key to other tables.

      I am not sure whether I need to build something into my data model to handle this or whether this is better managed in an if statement or set analysis in the expression for the chart.  I am assuming it would have to be within the expression as each object would need to define which date it is constrained on in relation to the master calendar. I have built a replica .qvw and have attached this and the data.  I tried using:

      =avg(if(num([Process Point 1 Date])=num(CalendarDate),[Time to Complete Process 1]))


      in the expression for the chart for process 1 to try to link the process 1 end date to the calendar date, but I end up with an "out of object memory" message.

      What is attached is just a small subset of the actual data I want to use.  In reality one table could have up to  5 different process points and dates so any solution would need to be scalable.

      I hope someone can help.  Thanks in advance for your time.