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    How to centralize distributed QlikView servers in one server

    Manuel Jesus Serrano Serrano




      I'm new in QlikView management and need some help to get information about how to perform a servers centralization. In the community I´ve found documentation about hoe to migrate a server from one version to another version in the same server, but this is not my case exactly. The situation I have is as follows:

      I have three QlikView servers distributed in three countries. Two of these servers are on version 10 with publisher and the other server is on version 8 without publisher. This environment is going to be centralized in a server on version 11.2 with publisher, I have already installed and configured the folder structure in this new server. The transfer of the documents I have more or less controlled, but is in the migration of tasks recharge where I have all the problems, I don´t have clear how to make the transfer of the tasks of three distributed servers to centralized server. I understand that in the centralized server I have to stop the QlikView services and bring the tasks of the other three servers, but i don´t know exactly what files or folders are what I have to bring.

      Grateful if anyone could help me with this.



      Thank you very much