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    Files become corrupt in mounted folder?

    Swarup Malli


      Note: We are using Qlikview server version 11, Small business edition.


        My requirement was to create a named user( lets call him 'A' ) who has access to qvws present in HR folder,that I have mounted on the qvs server.


           The problem I'm facing is  that this particular  user also has access to the qvw present in the folder meant for Marketing users.After investigating I found out that  ,when I click on the secuirty tab( go to properties of the folder,there security tab) I see a group called USERS. This USERS group (actually its not a group)  contains all the users that are present in the AD group.


      When I try to get rid of this USERS ( because the user "A" is present in it , and I don't want "A" to access qvw that he is not authorized to) it corrupts all the qvws present in that folder( ie these qvws no longer open via access point).




      How can I find a work around for this problem?


      I'm sure there must be a different way.