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    getting Users access to the documents- Access Point clarification?

    Eleanor Odell

      we have a few new dashboards ready to push out for our kick off.  If what I am understanding correctly-

      we need to set the users up with a license

      grant them access using their AD

      then they will use the access point url to use the documents?


      I have been in access point and all I can see at this time are some sample documents.  Where is the security set so I can use access point as an admin to set up the users?


      there must be someplace that we need to set to see our company documents and grant users access?

      I have looked for access point documentation and have found some on how to do different things but not the initial setup.

      is there such a document?  I did look through the server ref and did not answer my questions.


      Thanks for some insight on this basic setup...