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    Coonectivity to Sybase 12.5.3

      I am new to QlikView and completed training on Designer and Develoer just 2 days back. During training the instructor and the participants who had experience with Qlikview claimed that loading of tables was very fast. I hope they meant from data source and not the QVD files itslef.


      I tried to load a huge table with 14 million rows via ODBC connectivity to Sybase. It took me more than 2 hrs to load this table (64 columns with 400 bytes per record).


      Is this something reasonable or is it way too high?. (I know I can do incremental loads but I was just testing.) This was run on a WIN8 machine, with 16Gb RAM. Maximum RAM occupied after the load was completed is 6Gb.


      Appreciate feedback