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    Separating a field into its components and making each a column in a chart



      In a record I have a field called "geo" which includes a list of countries "au,gb,us,it" for example.


      I want to create a  table which will display all records, but will "break" the 'GEO' field into its individual components and make them a column.


      So for example I have a records saying "ACOUNT A | au,gb,it,us" and a record "ACCOUNT B| au,it"


      So the table header will be "Account" "AU" "GB" "US" "IT"

      It will show two raws -one for account A and another for B, and will have 5 columns. The first with account name and then a counter or any other indicator under the relevant GEO for the account.


      Any idea if this can be done ?