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    GetActiveSheetObjects returns ubound=-1 on ajax client

    Carolin Nolte


      i need a little help.

      What I want to do: I have a table which should open another tab on click in the table.

      What I tryed: I used the document field event trigger to call a macro to do the stuff I need. In that macro I check if the click orginates from that table or from another sheet object (listbox, current selections), in that case nothing should be done.  

      My macro snippet:



      if ok = true then

           'do my stuff

      end if


      I publish that on the Server and it works fine when I use IE and the Plugin, but if I use another browser or IE with full browser version it does not work.

      Somehow there is no active sheet object, ubound(objs) returns -1

      Any ideas how to solve my problem?


      for each obj in objs
           if obj.GetObjectId() = "Document\CH89" then
                ok = true
           end if