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    Conditional dimensions V11

    Richard Chilvers



      I am new to version 11, and am pleased to see a new feature for 'conditional' dimensions.

      I am struggling to see how this is intended to work. The new reference manual seems to miss it out altogether, and examples I have seen do not give the whole story.


      Could anyone point me to where I should look?


      For example, must the condition include the dimension.


      If I have a single dimension called CRUISE, would a condition of LEFT(CRUISE,1) ='L' just show a table with cruises which start with an L ?


      Also, would LEFT(DESCRIPTION,1) = 'L' be allowed if DESCRIPTION is not a dimension?



        • Re: Conditional dimensions V11
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The conditional display for dimensions and expressions shows or hides the entire column. It doesn't filter rows. If you want to filter the rows you can use an expression as a calculated dimension. Select your CRUISE dimension, click on Edit and enter your expression: =if(left(DESCRIPTION,1)='L',CRUISE). You'll probably want to check the option Suppress When Value Is Null for the calculated dimension too.