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    How to configure Qlikview 11 with IIS Web Server on different system

    Jeff McBrayer

      I'm new to Qlikview :-).  I've installed one server with IIS and Qlikview and all is running fine; however i would like to have a two system deployment.  One system with IIS Web Server and other system with Qlikview Server.  So i installed a second server the exact same way as the first - IIS and Qlikview - it runs fine as a standalone system.  Thought i could shutdown IIS and "Qlikview Settings Service" on system 1 and shutdown all  Qlikview Services except "Qlikview Settings Service" on system 2.  Then on System 2 i modified the "Qlikview Wev Servers" url to point to System 1.   However i'm getting the error "The web server is currently not responding"  what am i missing?