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    Help in  Concatenate , Join  statements

      I have 3 files

      File 1 : List of 100 campaigns

      File 2 : List of Leads for some of the campaigns

      File 3 : List of opportunities for some of the campaigns


      (common field between all 3 is Campaign ID)


      My output :

      List of all campaigns and their corresponding Lead count and opportunity count

      Some cases there will be only leads for the campaigns , or only opportunities for the campaigns

      or neither

      Yet  i want to see all campaigns irrespective of whether i have leads or opportunities

      Even full join doesnt give me the full list .( Unfortunately i dont get campaigns which doesnt have leads or opportunities)




      I tried the foll code, but not working


      Lead :

      Load *


      Concatenate :

      Load *



      Campaign :