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    Doron Reichenberg

      Can someone please explain what QVPX protocol is? How and where do oyu use it? Is it for Mobile only? Ajax only?


      I set up SSL certificate and can access my qvw using HTTPS. I thought qvpx would be like qvp so that you simply open a browser and type qvp://... However, qvpx is not doing anything.

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          Karthikeyan Subramaniam

          All communication between the client and server occurs here and is handled either via HTTPS (in the case of the AJAX client) or via the QlikView proprietary QVP protocol (in the case of the plugin or Windows client).

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            Bill Britt

            The AJAX client and mobile clients do not communicate directly with QVS. They establish and maintain a connection using the QVPX protocol through a web server, QlikView Web Server (QVWS) or Microsoft IIS. This is normally accomplished using port 80 (http).