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    PDF X-Change 3.0 create PDF as an External program

    Marcelo Gittermann



      The prerequisite to recreate my problem is that you need the PDF printer PDF X-Change 3.0.


      I have created a qvw document. In it I have a text box with the phrase "hello".

      I have created a report which has ID "RP01".

      I have a macro that triggers on OnOpen and on OnPostReload.

      The macro is like this:


      sub test

                ActiveDocument.PrintReport("RP01"), "PDF X-Change 3.0", false

      end sub


      In QMC under System/Supporting Tasks/External Program I have added a task with the following 'Command line statement':

      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /l /NoSecurity "F:\pdf qmc.qvw"


      If I were to open it, the pdf is created in it's default save path because I have turned off the "Save as" dialogue in the printer properties in windows.


      When I run the task I can see in the taskmanager that an instance of Qv.exe initiates and also that an instance of pdfSaver3.exe is initialized.

      The task never ends, and doesn't time-out and it would seem like it's prompting something in the background.


      When i open the qvw normally the pdf is created but not as an external program. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any help offered is greatly appreciated! Thanks!