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    Percent change, Year over Year

      I've researched other discussions, and many are similar to my question, but on the advice given, I'm still having trouble.


      I am trying to add an expression to show me the year over year change in a sales number.

      I am able to accomplish this by using an expression that includes Below() but because of the order that I need my expressions to appear this is not efficient.


      I want to use a dimension limit to show me the top 5 largest increases in sales.  But to do this I would need my first expression to be that change in sales amount.  So I'd like to know if there's a way to accomplish this without using Below()?


      I see in other posts people recommend setting a variable equal to the max year and then using this in a set analysis.  But I want mine to be dynamic.  So if I have data from 2002-2013, and the user highlights from 2007-2009, I want them to see who had the largest increases in sales during that time period.


      I've attached an excel file with the table and also showing my formulas.