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    Bookmarks not working due to added field to a table

    Melinda Bruck

      We have 30+ several users that have their own bookmarks. 


      With that being said, We added one field (a key field) called HOBO_MARKET_CODE to a LEFT JOIN of a table in the QVW and it seems this small change has significantly changed users bookmarks. This field is no where used in the front end so I am not sure how this small change would effect bookmarks. I tested this by removing and adding the field and noticed this change screwed up peoples bookmarks. See code below...




      JOIN (Billing) LOAD



      HOBO_MARKET_CODE - added field







      So does this mean ANY type of structure change that bookmarks will always be effected?  Is there anyway around this because 30+ users need to recreate there bookmarks every time there is ANY type of change to the QVW?


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.