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    Data in QV, what are the sources?

      Hello everyone,


      I am curious to know the different sources of the data that can be accessed through qlikview.

      Does qlikview have data sources itself and connected to the software, so when a user clicks on

      a specific data (lets say sales figures of a certain product) the software retrieves this data from

      a specific source qlikview connected it to? Or do I have to add myself data sources to qlikview and it is

      fully in my own hands which data (and source it get its data from!) is accesable through qlikview? Or both



      In short, when using qlikview and accessing data....what are the exact sources of those data?


      I ask because I want to be sure that I have correct and reliable data in front of me when using qlikview.


      Thanks in advance.

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          anant dubey



          sql server,


          sales force,


          MS Excel,

          notepad and many more


          2. when qlikview connects to data source it converts it in qvd its own propretery format.


          lets sat you have country master table in your oracle database it create a QVD of Country table

          then Qlikview work file qvw will read this table .this load is optimised and faster .

          but if you have source data like excle, notepad etc it can read directly from it then it is non optimised load.



          3. yes its up to you which tables you want to load in to qlikview that data is only loaded into qlikview.


          let me know if any more doubts




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              Thank you for  your quick response.

              Oracle and SQL are DBMS's, from what I know. The data is retrieved from such a database system by the software.

              But the type of DBMS has more to do with the "outer box" of the database. My question has more to do with layer below, where is the data coming from that is saved/put in the DBMS. So the actual source of specific data itself.


              I am interested in the transport & logistics qlikview software for business purpose. So my question is, which sources are used to get the data regarding transport & logistics in the database system qlikview retrieves its data from? From commercial open source databases? if so, which ones? Proprietary databases? if so, which ones?


              I hope my specific question is a bit more clear now.


              Thanks in advance.

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                  Ralf Becher



                  there is no limitation in data sources. You can load from all databases where a ODBC/OLEDB or JDBC connectivity is available, or a specific Qlikview connector. Also from a lot of file types and web sources or web APIs (e.g. via QVSource).


                  There is also an SDK to develop your own QlikView connector if needed.


                  There are also QlikView partners (like my company) who develop special connectivity and integration solutions, also for business applications. Therefore it doesn't matter from which database type (open source) or business sector (transport & logistics).


                  It would be better to ask for a specific data source and look if a solution is already there..


                  - Ralf

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                      Hi Ralf,


                      Thanks alot for your answer. It clarifies more what I initially wanted to know when opening this topic.

                      As I understood from you I can add data from different databases myself using several tools/connectors/partners etc.


                      One question that remains unclear for me is whether there is also data accessable through qlikview that the software itself gathered into the DBMS? So without me customizing it. A) If not, should I then picture the DBMS being "empty" (no data to access) when I start using qlikview for the first time? And only after I have customized the data sources myself I can actively start using it? B) If yes, "data is already accesable regarding your branch without you having customized anything yet"...which data sources is the data retrieved from? Worldbank databank for example? 


                      Kind regards,