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    cannot see document using IE, but with full browser version

    Felipe Carrera


      when users connect in the access point using IE plug in, they receive a window message, that they need to connect  to the server. But when using full browser version, it is fine.

      when i connect via IE plug in, i get a line message


      "qvp://"serverIPAddresse"/?iisauthenticated.......localhost could not be found"


      our qv server had a name, and i changed it with the IP Address, so that there is no mismatch with server name and server IP when using the plug in, according to a QV document on trouble shooting when this message appears.


      With full browser version it works fine, but the customers want to use the IE Plug In.

      do you know why is this happening?  Do i need to install extra files in the QVS? (the folder QvTunnel) was not installed and therefore QvsTunnel.dll is not in the QVS. Could this be the cause of the problem? in the QMC the option "always tunnel" is not checked.

      thanks for any comment