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    Resize window

    Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy



           Please anyone share your knowledge about resize window option, whenever and where its used and type of device? 

           Mainly have doubt in type of device.



      Resize window.bmp


      Thanks in advance



      R.Mayil Vahanan.

        • Re: Resize window
          Alan Farrell

          Hi Mayil,


          If the app is for a customer, find out from the customer what size screens the majority of employees using Qlikview have, then base the Screen size on the Customers answer




          The best option going forward in my opinion is to use 1024 x 768 this is the size of the iPad screen and the world is going mobile so.......


          For Qlikview Apps it's better to keep the size of your dashboard to 980 x 610 so if you decide you want this available on the iPad you will have the best possible screen layout for it and you won't have to re arrange all your objects, but it is your choice


          Hope that helps