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    Mail with bookmark as a link - access right

      I would like to confirm - for a user to open a document emailed link using the function "mail with bookmark as a link", does the user need a CAL of some sort?


      The reference manual says so but I've heard from someone otherwise...




      Mail with Bookmark

      as a Link...


      Only available when working with a QlikView Server document. Creates a

      mail with a URL link to the current server document. A temporary server

      bookmark will be created (including layout state) and encoded in the URL.

      The mail recipient will be able to use the URL link to open the server document

      and see what you see, obviously provided that he has access rights to

      the document and data therein. A mail client has to be configured on the

      computer for this command to work. The QlikView Server must be configured

      to allow server bookmarks