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    how to get getfieldselections or concat to work in expression with multiselection in field (listbox)

    Peter Blokker

      Hi, everybody,


      I've got these two formulas:



      =count( {1 < FieldA={'$(=GetFieldSelections(FieldA,chr(44),12))'}>} DISTINCT FielB))



      =count( {1 < FieldA={"$(= concat(FieldA,chr(44)))"}>} distinct(FieldB))


      FieldA is a character field. When I select only one item in the listbox for FieldA I get the desired result, however when I select several items in the FieldA listbox

      I keep getting 0 for an answer in either one of the formulas. Obviously not correct. I need it to work for every possible selection made in the FieldA listbox.

      I don't know where I go wrong in the formula, I've tried everything I could think of, without the desired result.

      Anybody out there can give me a solution or at least indicate me the direction?

      Thanks in advance