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    Issue with QV User Manager Powertool

      I'm having a couple of issues with the version QV User Manager PowerTool. One issue is qv-user-manager is not removing the CALs that are more than 30 days old like it is supposed. I get this message in the log - The server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request.

      The other issue is when I list CALs and send it to a csv file I get the list from one cluster but not the second cluster. The output file gets this message at the end of the first cluster's list of CALs - System.Exception:Document folder access rights are required! The id running the task is our Qlikview service account which has admin to everything.

      Below is the commands from the bat file. I have removed the server names for security purposes.


      filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe --list CAL>\\server\folderpath\Before_Removal_User_CAL.csv


      filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe --remove CAL>log.txt


      filepath\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe -list CAL>\\server\folderpath\User_CAL.csv