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    Change or replace some data in the LOAD script

      Hi all,


      I load transactiondates from an auditfile. All the dates are correct but there are a few transactions who have a transactiondate 30-06-2011. I need to replace this date 30-06-2012 in 01-07-2012. The change is necessary otherwise the transaction related with this date wil not be presented in the correct Fiscal Year.

      How can I rename or convert the date 30-06-2012 in the LOAD script to 30-06-2011?


      Hope someone can help.


      Thx in advance,


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          Stefan Wühl

          If it's just about a single value you need to check and transform, I would use a conditional statement (i.e. if() statement ) in your load:



            if( DATEFIELD = makedate(2012,6,30), makedate(2012,7,1), DATEFIELD) as DATEFIELD,


          FROM ....;


          Your DATEFIELD should already be interpreted as date by QV, if not (i.e. still pure text, no numerical representation), use the date#() function to interpret your DATEFIELD as date.


          Hope this helps,