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    How to put the label of expr 1 and expr 2 in the chart's title

    Koen Bal



      I would like to put the name of expression 1 and the name of expression 2 in the window title of my chart.

      I do not want to just type it. I want Qlikview to look up what the label of expression 1 and expression 2 is.


      Why do I want to do this? I created a template scatter plot and I want to reuse it multiple times by cloning it. If I can refer to the expression names. I only have to change the expressions and I'm done. I will not have to retype the window title again. I would be usefull to automate the process of building new charts.


      Note that this is not a dynamic title because it does not depend on the made selections.

      Note that if you mark the "Show title in chart" checkbox and you do not fill in anything, qlikview will use the first expression label automatically.

      This is exactly what i'm looking for but I also want to show the label of expression 2.


      , Thx for your help, Koen


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