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    Partial Sum wrong in pivot table

    Marcos Joffily



      As you can see in the screenshot attached the sub-totas are not right. It's showing 20,000 when it should be 28,000.


      Here is what I'm doing in the scripts:


      =Sum({$<Month=,[Financial Year]=>} [Sales Dealer Budget])/1000


      And here is what I've tried based on the research I've done in the community and it didn't work:




              Sum({$<Month=,[Financial Year]=>} [Sales Dealer Budget]), Dim1, Dim2,... [Sales Dealer Name]))/1000


      I understand this is a known issue and the workaround is usually Aggr functions, but in my case it's not working.


      Could someone help me with this?


      Does anybody know if this bug has been reported to the support team and if there's any resolution or timeframe for it to be fixed?



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          Johannes Sunden

          In my experience it's usually an issue with the underlying data. If you could upload an example file where you have scrambled any sensitive information (Settings > Document Properties > Scrambling) that would be useful in trying to determine what is wrong here.


          My guess of the top of my head is that three of the guys with 4000, 2000 and 2000 as their values should be counted twice accoring to what you want to display, but are counted once since they only occur once in the data and thus the total is 8000 lower than what you'd want it to be.

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            Henric Cronström

            Johannes Sunden is totally right here.


            A simple example of this behaviour is the one below: Two products, sales amount for both of them, but one of the products belong to two product groups.


            The sum in the source data is obviously 12, but if you sum the rows in the pivot table, you get 17. QlikView, however, shows the correct number - 12.