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    QlikView Server crashes

      Hi everybody,


      We encounter a problem with our QlikView Server : it crashes regularly and we don't see why.

      Our users access applications using the Ajax client, and maybe that's the problem ?


      The only thing we know is the error we have in the event viewer :

      Application défaillante QVS.exe, version 11.20.11716.0, horodatage 0x512f8444, module défaillant kernel32.dll, version 6.0.6002.18740, horodatage 0x50b58c3d, code d’exception 0x40010006, décalage d’erreur 0x0003fc2e, ID du processus 0x1b4, heure de début de l’application 0x01ce22f2e2be4b38.

      (sorry it's in French)




      Moreover, when a user open a document, a warning message appears in the event viewer, we don't know if it's in relation with the previous message :

      La description de l'ID d'événement 100 dans la source QlikViewServer est introuvable. Le composant qui a déclenché cet événement n'est pas installé sur l'ordinateur local ou l'installation est endommagée. Vous pouvez installer ou réparer le composant sur l'ordinateur local.



      Si l'événement provient d'un autre ordinateur, les informations d'affichage doivent être enregistrées avec l'événement.



      Les informations suivantes étaient incluses avec l'événement :



      CAL usage: Using CAL of type "Named User" for user "DOMAINE\XXX". Named user cals in use: 1


      Does anyone has already encountered this problem ?



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          Another error :

          Application défaillante QVS.exe, version 11.20.11716.0, horodatage 0x512f8444, module défaillant QVS.exe, version 11.20.11716.0, horodatage 0x512f8444, code d’exception 0xc0000005, décalage d’erreur 0x003451c1, ID du processus 0x838, heure de début de l’application 0x01ce2483df65777b.

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            I don't know whether it is linked or not but we got same version as yours and since 2 days QVS.exe has been suddenly taking all the memory and crash the server. Users consult qlikview document for a while and then server in a few seconds get high and crash.

            The system was 64 Go RAM and we added 64 Go RAM more 5 days ago.

            Dell certified hardware is OK.

            Don't have a clue of what makes a more powerfull system handling that bad extra RAM.


            Does anybody encounter similar problem ?