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    Merging fields into fields

    Kalyan Sundaran

      Hi All,


      I have to extract the below fields from random data as the following script


      "if(Acct_Type='PL',if(WildMatch(AcctName, '*TAX*')=1,AcctName)) as Tax,

      if(Acct_Type='PL',if(WildMatch(AcctName, '*INTEREST*')=1,AcctName)) as Interest,

      if(Acct_Type='PL',if(Category='Cost of Materials Consumed',Category)) as COGS,

      if(Acct_Type='PL',if([Sub Category]='Other Expenses',[Sub Category])) as OtherExpenses,

      if(Acct_Type='PL',if(Category='Revenue',Category)) as Revenue,"


      Now I have to merge all these fields into a single field, how can I do?



      Please help me to solve this.


      Thanks in Advance,