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    Reversing the display of accumulated data in a table

      I hope this is an interesting question, it is at the very least a bit of a challenge being thrown down.


      I have a customer that wants a table that shows the sum of income by month, forecast figure and the percentage income against forecast (accumulated)



      Now I caan get it to work with the percentage accumulating left to right...The customer however wants to see this running in reverse, but without affecting the sort order of the rest of the table.


      The current expression reads:


      =rangesum(Before(Sum ( {< MonthSerial = {$(=max(C_MonthSerial))}  >}  Collection_Week)/max ( {< MonthSerial = {$(=max(C_MonthSerial))}  >}  Forecast_Amt),0, ColumnNo()))


      I foolishly thought that I could just swith the Before to After and I would get the desired affect however I get the folllowing:



      Am I missing something? or is it a case of it not being possible? or stupidly complicated?