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    Salesforce SOQL/SQL Syntax (Join)

      Hey there,


      I am trying to join Salesforce tables using the Qlikview connector, however none of the options I tried work. Can anyone advice on the syntax needed to join tables (on a key). Both SQL and SOQL failed me.


      For example, I would like to know the actual username of a case owner. So in SQL, this would kinda look like:


      SELECT c.id, c.subject, u.name
      FROM case c
      JOIN user u on u.id = c.ownerId



      SELECT id, subject, owner.name
      FROM case


      Also, I am unsure what functions I can use - according to the user guide, both SQL and SOQL are valid and were 'combined', however I was unable to format my createdDate using DATE_FORMAT(). Is there a definite list or should I mostly rely on SOQL functions?