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    How to manage connections in load script?

      Hi, all

      i was trying to use reloads depending on some condition from different databases (below is a part of my code) and met with such problem: connections do not depend on condition, i.e. connections are made always, the script make connections and then load or not load in dependence on condition... i would like my script not to connect to database if i will not to reload from it... How to solve the problem?


      if ($(vFlagForReload) = 1)then

      OLEDB CONNECT32 TO (XPassword is AHfQWEGBT);

      // load from some tables from DB1

      end if;


      if ($(vFlagForReload) = 2)then

      OLEDB CONNECT32 TO (XPassword is AHQWERTYU);

      //partial reload from some tables of DB2

      end if;