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    DLP optimization - not accaptable query execution time

    Michael Ionkin



      I've build a report, but unfortunatly the query execution time is just too long - over one minute.

      I've tried already to optimize the model, but without any success.


      The biggest table I have is about 500'000'000 rows. And I have tested following models:



      Model2:Model 1.png

      Model 2.png


      The last thing which might help is to join calendar to the fact table...

      Otherwise I see only the way to split the table in different parts and create different reports.


      Actually I did it already and split it in years, but the execution time is only acceptable when I split it in 4 month periods (execution time around 8 sec).



      What can I do in order to optimize the model/report/execution time???

      Any ideas?



      cheers chesterluck