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    SAP connector, sql_error  "list elements that take up..."

    Terje Knappen

      Hi all


      I'm in need to put on a where-clause on my SQL on an infocube.

      To avoid subselects I want to just have the following type of Where-clause:

      WHERE SID_0MOVETYPE in (13,12,15,16,33,34,35,36,31,86,44,55,56,57,59,63)


      But I get the following error:

      SQL_ERROR (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 List elements that take up more than one line are not allowed)


      I tried to google it, but couldn't find any answers.


      If I split up the query like this:

      WHERE SID_0MOVETYPE in (13,12,15,16,33,34,35,36) or SID_0MOVETYPE in (31,86,44,55,56,57,59,63)

      then it works fine.


      However, this error bugs me.


      Has anyone experienced this?

      Is this a connector issue or is it something in the source database?


      I'm running the 5.6 version of the SAP connector.



      Thanks in advance.



      Terje Knappen