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    IE Plugin error

      I've read multiple articles in the community on this issue with AJAX opening but the IE Plugin giving an error.  I have read and walked through the Word document I found on another comment from you on installing Tunnelling on 2008 with IIS.  I have a QVWS server in DMZ with QVS server on LAN. I can telnet from webserver to LAN server on port 4747 and it is open.  When I use the IE Plugin I get the same message you've probably seen a hundred times in these forums.

      ezview.ahdi.com is in the DMZ.  QVS is on LAN but has been added to host file on the webserver.  I thought the issue was open ports between the DMZ and LAN but since I can telnet on port 4747, that is not the case.  I think something must be misconfigured somewhere else but when I look in the Management Console, I'm not sure what I'm looking for.  The management console is running on the LAN server.  Can you point me in a direction?  I'm happy to provide any screenshots or other information you might need.  I have attached the images of what I see from the web server and from the client when I test the client.





      Thank you,