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    Qlikview QlikTech Evangelist for simple q and a

      I am a new QlikView report designer for a software company that markets a product via a web interface as SAAS.  The QlikView reports are a important part of the software, but mostly viewed in a after thought capacity.  As a result, the data models and UI design teams often make choices that adversely affect our reporting abilities.  From what I've learned in the last 5-6 months, I really think we could benefit from something like QlikView Expressor. 


      However, my management team is less than receptive about expanding the QV budget, and getting something it doesn't see a direct benefit from since "it's always been this way".  Our report stable in the last two years has gone from a half-dozen reports to over 50 with hundreds of users over dozens of locations in several companies. 


      We are quickly running into the situation where I as the Lone Ranger have to sift through tons of data everytime a single field is changed or altered so that it no longer works in our reports.  None of the load statements are standardized, none of the labels or names of fields are standardized, and we have heavy users of a table called UDF (user defined field) which puts it into the users hands as a unlimited sandbox of inconsistently named fields and values.  My first task has been to try to organize, standardize, and optimize the reports so they are as lean and effective as possible.


      Our sales and support from QV are slow to respond at best. Also spending half of my time on QV community to answer esoteric questions is not helping.  I need a QV Evangelist who can bullet point answer simple q and a about benefits of Expressor; best practices for large report management; suggest training or courses worth the travel and the types of costs we can expect to encounter; without having to dig through piles of posts, youtube videos, etc or spending hundreds on support time that hasn't been in the approved budget.

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          Hugo Sheng

          Thank you for your detailed post.  You have highlighted some issues that QlikView Expressor can indeed help you with.  I would also emphasize that you may be able to address some of these problems by creating and using a QVD layer - this could help shield the QlikView applications from source system changes.


          Another tool that would help you manage your current environment is the QlikView Governance Dashboard.  You can download and use it for free to scan your current deployment and create a central point of management for those QlikView applications.   You can download the Governance Dashboard here:  http://market.qlik.com/qlikview-governance-dashboard.html


          As for Expressor, some of the key benefits are::

          • Semantic Metadata - allows you to conform heterogenous data sources into a common data model.  This can be the model(s) already created within QlikView.
          • Built-in source control - dataflows and other artifacts created within Expressor can be checked into a central repository and versioned over time
          • Graphical designer for data access and provisioning - minimize the need to develop and maintain individual scripted solutions
          • Logic re-use - reduce or eliminate the need for 1-off solutions by leveraging Expressor's Semantic Metadata layer
          • QlikView Expressor Connector - ability to seamlessly call Expressor as a data source directly from within QlikView 11 without having to manually launch Expressor.  QlikView load script(s) automatically get created.   This makes integration into Publisher very seamless as well.


          As for training, here's some courses you could consider:


          Finally, I believe the Account Executive for your organization has a call setup with your company today.   I've let him know that you're interested in how Expressor can help you manage your QlikView development, deployment, and environment.