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    Showing only products with multiple categories

      I have a current situation where right now, I have the following setup

      Products     Categories

      A                     1

      A                     2

      A                     3

      B                     1

      B                     3

      C                     1

      D                     1


      I want to display, for viewing, all the products that are in 2 or more categories only. I do not want to display products in just one category. In the above example, a table showing only:

      Products A and B. Then I will have additional expressions after that tied together for products A and B but the users would never see C and D in this view.

      This is used for error checking (products should not be in more then 1 category but may somehow).


      I can do this in expressions but I am running in to a road block trying to figure out how to eliminate the dimensions.


      Any ideas? I've searched but can't find to much.