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    How to find the uptime of QVS ?



      How do i find the cumulative uptime for a Qlikview service for a given timeperiod?


      For example if the QVS was started @1-Jan and there is a scheduled stop and start of the QVS @00:00 and @00:05.


      Then i should get the overall uptime for the QVS from 1-jan to 7-jan (1 week) should be (24*7) - (5*7) = 133 hrs.


      Where can i find such kind of data ?

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          Bill Britt

          You can try using the data in the QVS event log.


          Server Started Timestamp SeverityID EventID Severity Message

          2013-02-19 15:01:39 2013-02-19 15:04:17 4 100 Notice CAL usage: Using CAL of type "Named User" for user "QV11\ADMINISTRATOR". Named user cals in use: 1


          This is the time of the last server start.