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    From row to column



      I have a problem to solve where might someone is able to give me a hint.


      Current situation (Example):


      ItemCode     /     Manufacturer      /    ManufacturerOrderCode

      1111111               AAA                         XY2A

      1111111               BBB                         Z3ZZ

      1111111               CCC                         1XYA

      2222222               HHH                         L1LL

      2222222               GGG                        L1LL

      3333333               ZZZ                         Z4Z3Z




      What i need at the end:


      ItemCode          Manufacturer1        ManufacturerOrderCode1     Manufacturer2        ManufacturerOrderCode2     Manufacturer3        ManufacturerOrderCode3

      1111111            AAA                         XY2A                                   BBB                    Z3ZZ                                   CCC                         1XYA

      2222222            HHH                         L1LL                                    GGG                    L1LL

      3333333            ZZZ                         Z4Z3Z



      It means I would like to get for each Manufacturer and ManufacturerOrderCode an extra column instead of a new row.


      Thanks in advance