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    Book on Qlikview with SAP

    sunil jain

      Hi All,


      Based on the experience  that I gained from more than six project implemetation in Qlikview and SAP motivated me to write all experienced in to book. so that it can help to thousands of developer , consultants ,expert ,professionals, beginers . So finally I decide to publish book on Qlikview and SAP  till end of this year.


      Book will covers details aspects of Project Implementation of Qlikview and SAP R/3 , Qlikview and SAP B/W.

      How to unbox huge amount of SAP data in to Qlikview successfully ?.

      How to convert big data in to big value ?.

      best pracicies for Qlikview with SAP.

      big SAP data handling technique in Qlikview.

      how to optimum utilize SAP , Qlikview integrator ?.

      how to integrate SAP data into Qlikview without any third party tool ?.

      how to handle delta load from Cluster table in to Qlikview ?.

      how to model Cube , DSO , Infoobjets in to Qlikview  and delta load  from SAP BW in case of archived scenario and non archived scenario?.