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    How to reference the value of an object in another object

      I am just testing out QlikView and it is very cool.

      I need to know if you can reference the output of one object as input to another?



      Object "A" is a detached object showing the Total of all widgets

      Object "B" wants to use the total of all widgets in Object "A" to calculate the relative % of Object "B" values; e.g.  Hairdryer is 10% of total widgets sold.


      One reason for doing this is to be able to give a percentage of the total database and not just its relative parts.

      When I attempt to do percentages of a straight table I use the formula of: sum(value)/sum(total value) and mark the Expression tab as "relative" to get the line items as a percentage of the total. But that total is just for the relative items selected from the group.


      I need an absolute total to use.  maybe there is a better way.


      I need to show a table that when I select one of its parts it gives me the value of the selection relative to the absolute total of the database and not just to the items selected.


      Any ideas?