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    No connection error in Access Point

    Bj�rn Miessen

      Hi all,


      I recently upgraded a QlikView Server version 9.00 SR6  to QlikView Server version 11.20 SR1. Since the upgrade a QlikView document gives me some problems in Access Point. One of the tabs inside this document contains a lot of detail and consumes all the server's memory (16Gb). At the point this happens I get a "No connection" error message.


      After this event the Access Point is still reachable, I can see all the QlikView documents, but if I want to open one of them I keep getting the "No connection" error. Also other users get the error when trying to open a QlikView document in Access Point.


      The only solution so far is to restart the QlikView services or reboot the machine. Any suggestions how to solve this issue?