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    Several tests on same field in set analysis

    Torunn Midtsjo



      I have this set analysis that works fine and select records with FASTTRACK_SENT_NUM within the last 12 months:


      count ({$<FASTTRACK_SENT_NUM={'>$(=NUM(AddMonths(makedate($(vYear),$(vMonth),1), -12)))<$(=NUM(AddMonths(makedate($(vYear),$(vMonth),1), 0)))'}>}COUNTER)


      My problem is that I need another test on the field FASTTRACK_SENT_NUM in this set analysis.


      In addition to the test above I also need to select records where FASTTRACK_SENT_NUM <= FASTTRACK_DUE_NUM. 


      Both FASTTRACK_SENT_NUM and FASTTRACK_DUE_NUM are date-fields converted to numeric format in the load script and they have exactly the same format.


      How will the set analysis look like after including this extra test?


      Best regards