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    Answers required  for below questions

      Hi Friends, iam new to qlikview.


      iam searching for the job. plz any one share the below answers to mail -- dasaradh.testing@gmail.com


      1. Which is the most interesting analysis you have done on the qlikview projects you worked so far? Which is extremely challenging /good learning experience/ extremely useful for end users?
      2. What are the value add on you suggested to users ?
      3. Difference between Qlikview and Database?
      4. What you think is the limitation of Qlikview? (Clues could be compared with any BI tools)
      5. You have worked on the different versions of Qlikview from 8.2 to till 11. Could you walk us through your learning experience with each of the versions ?What is major difference you find between Qlikview 8.5 and Qlikview 11?
      6. Did ever come across the limitations of qlikview while doing any implementation? (Clue: limitations of charts – sorting in pivot table ,Trellis chart, Fast change).
      7. Have you come across predictive analytics or advanced analytics?
      8. What are typical questions you faced from Client regarding Qlikview Capabilities?
      9. What are the things you consider before you start programming ( after getting requirement specification from the Client)?