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    How to Filter on Aggregated/Summed  Data?

      Hello -


      Say I have the following data in QV:


      Sales YearCountry
                 90,000 2009Country A
                 40,000 2009Country B
               100,000 2009Country C
                 60,000 2010Country A
                 40,000 2010Country B
                 90,000 2010Country C
                 30,000 2011Country A
                 80,000 2011Country B
                 10,000 2011Country C
                 50,000 2012Country A
                 70,000 2012Country B
                 10,000 2012Country C


      I created a chart/table that shows sales value by year (aggregated by country).  I would like to create a slider/filter that allows me to chose parameters based on total sales, not individual.  For example, the 2009 total sales from above is 230,000 (90,000 + 40,000 + 100,000).  I would like to have the ability to choose a filter value between 150,000 to 300,000 and have the 2009 total display.  When I add a slider however, the max value that shows up on the slider is 100,000 (since that's the max sales line item in the data set above).  How would I create a slider that would allow the user to filter values based on aggregated yearly sales?  (example attached)