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    Create Data Table



      I need some help create in Qlikview a table, that I will later use to build a chart. As Dimension in my chart I want "Name of the error" and as Expression "Number of errors". 


      Name of the errorNumber of errors
      Error 156
      Error 236
      Error 323


      The problem is that "Number of errors" must be calculated with an expression like this (example for error 1).





      (if(Testserie=1and((L_Z1V1+L_Z1V2+L_Z2V1+L_Z2V2+L_Z3V1+L_Z3V2+L_Z4V1+L_Z4V2)/8)<MW_Bank_OG, L_Z1V1)) 


      (Testserie, L_Z1V1... are Data that I have already uploaded to Qlikview)




      Depending on the chosen period of time, "Number of errors" must change automatically.

      Can you please help me with this task??? Thank you in advance!